Sharjah Cooperative Flies UAE Flag at Half Mast on Commemoration Day and Raises it Once More


Sharjah Cooperative flew the UAE flag at half-mast at Helwan branch today at eight o’clock sharp, with department and branch managers in attendance, and then raised it again at 11: 30 before noon after all attendees observed a minute of silence and praying to Allah for the nation’s intrepid martyrs.

This event comes in line with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs’ decree to make 30 November Commemoration Day (Martyrs’ Day) in which we pay tribute and homage to the nation’s martyrs for their ultimate sacrifice in the military, civil and humanitarian fields.

Majid Al Jeneid, General Manager, said: “The people of the United Arab Emirates present day after day a role model for national cohesion, as all citizens stand behind their leadership, and the most truthful evidence for this is our intrepid martyrs who have sacrificed their souls for the nation, and raced for martyrdom, the most honorable of destinies”.

Al Jeneid added: “With increasing sadness we miss our martyrs and pay tribute to them for continuing in our responsibilities and national duties with all honesty and confidence, as the blood of our martyrs gives us more cohesion and steadfastness in for our beloved homeland, marching in the footsteps of our sheikhs and wise leadership”.

The United Arab Emirates with all of its establishments and the participation of individuals commemorates the first anniversary of martyrs’ day with all pride and appreciation for our armed forces, soldiers and martyrs, to reaffirm that the sacrifices of our martyrs will forever remain a page in the country’s history that reflects an awesome image of national cohesion.


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