Sharjah Coop: Beginnings

Sharjah Coop was founded in March 1977 by ministerial decree (no. 16, 1977) as the first of cooperative societies in the United Arab Emirates. This came under the directives of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qassimi Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah to spread cooperative services in the emirate, and to raise the standard of living of its inhabitants socially and economically by adopting cooperative principles.

If you followed the cooperative progress in Sharjah you would find a remarkable balance, for Sharjah Cooperative Society has combined development with big strides in its economy: It has been able to achieve big profit; it has been committed to its shareholders; it has continued to develop its different branches and build new sites in distinct architectural styles; and it possesses large financial resources that support its financial center.

SCS has achieved a remarkable increase in activating its social role in cooperative work by communicating with the different segments and institutions of society. It has always spared part of its profits to support social activities, and has done its part in developing its goals to serve society.

Despite the rapid growth in economy taking place in the region and the local markets, and fierce competition, SCS has asserted itself within the cooperative march as a strategic asset and has become a standard for the stable prices of consumer products. This is despite the different marketing styles used at trading centers that are protected by a free market enjoyed by all in the UAE.

SCS has taken a prominent position in the retail industry and is supported by a network of modern branches that are equipped with all modern shopping facilities and are spread throughout the emirate.

SCS believes in playing its role in society through supporting and patronizing cultural, charitable, humanitarian, environmental, educational, medical and economical activities, and considers this part and parcel of the cooperative system it wishes to embody. SCS has supported and patronized activities at several institutions such as Sharjah Charity International, Al-Thiqah Club for Handicapped, Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation, Family Council, Child and Youth Centers, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Noble Quran and Sunna Establishment, Sharjah University and other entities.

SCS implements an ambitious plan to recruit nationals, and it saw good results in 2009. In addition, SCS has paid close attention to developing management and execution systems and human resources, and has implemented special training programs to help its employees work more efficiently. SCS believes strongly in human capital and has developed its branches for a modern market.

SCS has developed internal policy and procedure systems that comply with the International Organization for Standards (ISO 2009:9001). This makes SCS the first amongst cooperative societies and retail stores in the Arabian Gulf to earn this distinction. It applies quality standards and has developed its programs and services in customer care as a main source for development.