Sharjah Coop and Sharjah Charity International Discuss Ways of Cooperation



With the aim of perpetuating the culture of humanitarian work: Sharjah Coop and Sharjah Charity International Discuss Ways of Cooperation


Sharjah Coop held a meeting with Sharjah Charity International to discuss ways to enhance cooperation and joint action in the field of supporting humanitarian issues at the local, regional, and global levels.

This came during the visit of Sharjah Coop’s delegation to the headquarters of the Emirates Red Crescent in Sharjah, in the presence of His Excellency Majid Salem Al Junaid, CEO of the Sharjah Cooperative and Mr. Ramzi Mkadmini, Director of the Commercial Affairs Department.


The delegation was received by His Excellency Abdullah Sultan bin Khadim, Executive Director of the Sharjah Charity International, and Mr. Abdullah bin Hindi, Head of the Institutional Services Sector.


The two parties discussed a number of aspects through which they can cooperate in providing support and assistance to needy individuals and families, in compliance with social responsibility, and in line with the state's directions and strategies aimed at perpetuating the culture of noble humanitarian work, which is an integral part of the state's identity and its historical heritage.


His Excellency Majid Salem Al-Junaid, Chief Executive Officer, confirmed that this meeting comes as a continuation of a series of meetings and meetings held by Sharjah Coop in the framework of its keenness to enhance prospects for cooperation with various civil society institutions and organizations, praising at the same time the outcomes of the meeting with the Sharjah Charity International, considering it one of the pioneers of humanitarian work.


His Excellency added that the aim of the meetings and periodic visits carried out by the cooperative, with the various charitable bodies in the country, comes in line with the state's directions and endeavors to provide support and assistance to all those in need, whether inside the country or those affected and afflicted by natural accidents such as the earthquakes that hit Syria and Turkey recently, stressing that Sharjah Cooperative will continue its humanitarian efforts that derive its values ​​from the true religion and the authentic Emirati values.

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