Sharjah Coop offers discounts of up to 65% on 600 products for members of the "My Coop” Program


Sharjah Coop offers discounts of up to 65% on 600 products for members of the "My Coop” Program

Sharjah Coop announced discounted prices for the first time, on the second anniversary of the launch of the "My Coop" rewards program, as a promotional offer for program members, with discounts of up to 65% on 600 products, including fresh sections, cheese, grocery products, meat, fish, cleaning materials, personal care, and others.

“My Coop” is one of the most prominent programs launched by Sharjah Coop, as the number of its subscribers since its inception has reached more than 200,000 members, and it has provided more than 30 promotional offers and granted 108 billion points through the rewards program for shoppers, which included campaigns and special offers, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of supporting the purchasing power of shoppers.

Through the program, Sharjah Coop has also launched more than 120 campaigns targeting subscribers according to the needs of shoppers, age, and marital status, in addition to exclusive discounts and special privileges for subscribers, including retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, as the percentage of Sharjah Coop sales from shareholders and affiliates of the rewards program reaches 75%.

Faisal Khalid Al Naboodah, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Department at Sharjah Coop, confirmed that the unparalleled success of the "My Coop" rewards program prompted Sharjah Coop to launch more initiatives, including price reductions on 600 products, up to 65% off, to continue to support the purchasing power of consumers, and ensure achieving sustainability in supporting the participants in the program, and strengthening the association’s leadership as one of the destinations most in demand by the public due to the quality of the products it provides and the competitiveness in the prices of various products.

He added that the discount campaign will contribute to increasing the number of participants in the program, which over the course of two years witnessed unprecedented interaction from various retail store dealers, explaining that Sharjah Coop bases its initiatives and programs on accurate and extensive studies on the needs and requirements of customers, and relies on achieving their aspirations to provide the highest International service standards and best practices, to ensure that products are provided to meet the requirements and tastes of all customers.

In the year 2021, the Sharjah Coop had launched the “My Coop” program, within several categories, including the VIP golden category, which includes shareholders whose annual purchases amount to 100 thousand dirhams or more, in addition to the golden category that includes all shareholders who have a gold card, and they were transferred And their automatic registration in the program, in addition to the bronze category, which includes silver and white card holders. The program offers its members exclusive and distinctive discounts to more than 30 tourist destinations in the emirate, including restaurants, entertainment venues and retail stores.

Those wishing to join the program can register in the gold category by visiting the head office - Shareholders Department, while those wishing to choose the bronze category can download the Sharjah Coop mobile application from the Google Play Store or the App Store, or by visiting any branch of Sharjah Coop, and provide The cashier with personal data and phone number, or by visiting the E-Commerce website www.sharjahcoop.ae /ar/login to register and obtain membership immediately.

The program allows all subscribers to obtain a joint family account, where they are given a main account and 3 sub-accounts. The My Coop rewards program points will also be included in all promotional campaigns organized by Sharjah Coop, providing shoppers with discounts on prices with added free points throughout the campaign period. Customers may inquire about all information related to their account and the number of points they have obtained through the mobile application, branches, or by visiting the website, and points can be redeemed with a minimum of 25 dirhams of points.


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