Sharjah Coop obtains the Food Safety System Certification


 Sharjah Coop obtains the Food Safety System Certification for three branches: Al Sweihat , Al Qrain, and Halwan. The attainment of this certification reflects the coop's commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety in the food sector.The adopted Food Safety System is recognized globally for reviewing and monitoring food items to ensure their safety. This system involves advanced processes for identifying potential risks and critical control points to guarantee food safety, thereby avoiding risks and ensuring consumer safety.Sharjah Coop stands as the first in the food retail sector in the Middle East to receive this certification, highlighting its dedication to leadership and excellence in food safety. These achievements showcase the prudent leadership and strong support received by the project.The acquisition of this certification indicates Sharjah Coop's commitment to providing safe and high-quality food products, enhancing its reputation nationally and internationally as a leading entity in the field of food safety.

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